the rfi story

pulling back the curtain:

rfi was originally founded as a brand looking to make a difference and impact the way we look at improvement in both ourselves and the world around us.

"the concept of rfi is building sustainable practices to craft premium goods with a focus on wearability, comfort, and timelessness. through uncompromising quality, fit, and craftsmanship. rfi introduces a new vision of eco-friendly modern design to North American luxury fashion."

The Craft:

It all starts with the unique cut and design of the garment making sure it hugs the silhouette of the body.

A selection of premium eco-friendly materials that are unique to each collection focused on comfort and durability.

Engineered to create zero waste without sacrificing quality for profit.

This would become the foundation to rfi's iconic essentials.

a green by design streetwear crafted to withstand the test of time.

  • the mission

    to design and produce eco friendly goods, that are ethically sourced, sustainably crafted and never compromising quality for margins.
    the goal is and always will be to create the most comfortable fitted essentials in the world.

  • craftsmanship

    the high quality craftsmanship of made in Canada goods is the result of attention to detail, passion, knowledge and design.

  • style

    the unique rfi style and design appears in the innovative combination of materials and colours, in the right balance between exclusive heritage and innovation, in the research for new processes and finishes.

  • green by design

    rfi is green by design, crafted using only premium quality eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices.

    "because what we do matters and how we do it is just as important"

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